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About PE

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Where we are:

Based in The Oaks since 2006, Perusic Engineering works with clients across Sydney, the Illawarra, and the Southern Highlands on local, national and international projects.

How did we get here:

With a true passion for anything mechanical, and a history of innovating, experimenting and testing.

Qualified in Mechanical Engineering and over 28 years of experience in construction and design, failure analysis, manufacturing design, and fabrication has seen Perusic Engineering successfully work on a range of local and international projects in Manufacturing, Mining, Defense, Motorsport and Construction sectors.(PE Projects)

Recognising the need of small to medium businesses for quality engineering services to contribute to their growth and success, PE focuses on working with businesses on their projects, manufacturing, and design engineering in all areas of their operations.

PE has been evolving since 2006 and re-structured to accomodate the Motorsport Division of the business. "PE Racing" now supplies Products and Services for the Automotive Aftermarket and Motorsport sectors (PE Racing website). 

PE Racing have designed a unique Pedal Box for motorsport applications. Proudly made in house using the latest materials & processes available.

What we do:

PE, supplies Engineering and Design solutions for a range of industries including Manufacturing, Mining, Energy, Aerospace and Defense.

PE Racing is the Motorsport Division of PE, supplying products and services for the Motorsport and Automotive sectors.

We deliver design, analysis and fabrication services for businesses that require mechanical engineering solutions.

Our engineering skills and capabilities assist businesses that are designing products, components, and manufacturing processes. (PE Services)

Analysing and rectifying component or design failures, and improving mechanical systems.

We are able to work with clients on project stages, or on projects from inception to completion.

We have a record of building success with businesses in manufacturing, innovation, engineering, motorsport and construction.

We possess a wide range of mechanical engineering capabilities and welcome anyone requiring engineering advice to contact us to discuss how we can help. (Contact Us)

Our Unique selling point is:

PE uses the latest in 2D and 3D CAD CAM technologies, allowing creative design solutions for CAD/CAM, Machining, Fabrication and 3D printing.

Perusic Engineering provides specialist engineering advice and capabilities for businesses requiring quality-focused engineering solutions.

Our extensive experience, knowledge and passion for innovation ensures we can deliver businesses’ improved reliability, performance and processes in their products, components and designs.

Our Motto: "Our Experience is your Success" 

Our Claim:"Every Problem has a SOLUTION"



We have worked with an array of companies & institutions such as:

Corse Automotive & Motorsport, Peak Roofing, CSIRO, Australian Defense Force, Bluescope, Envirage, Aldi, VIP Packaging, IVR Group, Corky’s Carbon & Combustion, BHP Billiton, Colt International, Sydney University, Monash University & Bluesky Design (just to name a few).


Your partner in success

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